October 24-27, 2017       Silicon Valley

About GTS

Why Attend

As businesses — big and small alike — face an ever-changing global market, catching the next big idea is becoming essential for them to stay ahead of the curve.

The Global Technology Symposium (GTS) is Silicon Valley’s leading investment conference on venture capital, technology and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. GTS explores globalization and ways to find niche markets harboring the next big ideas by bringing together business and policy leaders with up-and-coming startups in the real world.


With 12 years of success - featuring hundreds of speakers and thousands of influencers - GTS is not only a platform for unveiling the latest market intelligence, but it is a partnership-building process that allows companies to transform their vision into reality through strategic alliances.


GTS is a remarkable event in Silicon Valley with engaging and interactive dialogue, break-through entrepreneurial pitch competitions and structured, yet fun, networking events. Participants will gain in-depth exposure to fresh ideas, deepen relations with global leaders and gather knowledge about best business practices.